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Is AIDS the End to All Disease?


“The Strecker Memorandum is a 96 minute Video Tape and one of the most controversial video tapes you will ever see. Robert B. Strecker M.D. PhD, presents with document evidence the Truth about AIDS being a Man-Made Disease. In his video he lectures how the AIDS Virus was Predicted, Requested, Created and introduced into human population through Medical Injection Programs. Dr. Strecker practices Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology in Los Angeles as a trained pathologist, with a PhD in Pharmacology.

Basically, the report states that the government created AIDS and infected us in order to kill off some of the population and for financial reasons. The HMOs have made a lot of money off AIDS as has the medical community.

I am typically not one to spread fear. However, I think it is beyond important to understand what the government is doing. The good news is that they do now have a cure for AIDS.

Further, in Cracking the Bible Codes, by Jeffrey Satinover (The bible codes have been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message), the words, “the end to all disease” appeared when they ran the word AIDS into the code.

Doctors are finding now that even when babies are born with the AIDS virus, they are not sick and that their immune systems are about 3000 times stronger than a normal human. It appears that human DNA has made “Darwin” type of advancements in order for humankind to survive the AIDS virus. In essence, to ensure survival of AIDS, the human immune system is becoming so strong that disease can no longer exist.

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